PVE Only [EU] @OldSnake81 Twitter=> add for whitelist or
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Server NamePVE Only [EU] @OldSnake81 Twitter=> add for whitelist or
Country Germany
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hi !Can you please add me to white list,I would like to play on your server!
Steam nick is Qonske

Hello there,
Would it be possible for my friend and I to be added to the whitelist for this server?
We’re both mature gamers, who are looking for a purely PVE experience, and your server has been recommended... :-)

It's currently about 11 here in the U.S., and I want to have access to your server as well as get my friend access in case I can successfully make him play with me. I wanted a server in another country so that maybe the times i'm on and playing will be times when people aren't usually on, since i've spent time on other PVE servers where I had everything I worked for stolen along with my car and my trust in other players is minimal. I'm hoping if I make the effort to join a whitelisted server I could start to get back into the game and enjoy it again rather than watch all my hours put into it mean nothing after five minutes of griefing. My steam name is Asfaloth with a circle of writing, and my friend's username is dargon and he has a mostly white picture of an anime girl with blue eyes. I've never done anything like this before so could you message me on steam if you've added me?

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